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Netflix Prize - Win \\ Million by Improving Movie Recommendations


Win a Million Dollars from Netflix

Netflix to Award $1 Million in Programming Contest

(c) Netflix.com


Netflix is an online movie rental company that helps members find movies they might like through a complex recommendation system. If you can improve the current recommendation system by 10%, NetFlix will award you with a cool Million dollars. If you don't reach the 10% bar but still show marked success, you could win $50,000 in the yearly Progress Prize.


Programming contests, cash sweepstakes


International. Void in he province of Quebec in Canada, Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sudan. Entries are welcome from individuals or teams.

End Date:

The contest will run at least until October 2, 2011. Prizes are awarded yearly.

Entry Frequency:


Sweepstakes Prizes:

Grand Prize: $1 million cash (ARV: $1,000,000)
Yearly Prizes: $50,000 cash (ARV: $50,000 each).

Additional Comments:

Note that this is a contest to program an algorithm that is more effective than Netflix's current recommendation program. This is NOT a random draw.

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