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Magazine Sweepstakes and Contests

An easy way to find the contests magazines hold every month.


11. Marie Claire Magazine Sweepstakes

Marie Claire is a women's fashion magazine produced by Hearst Magazine. Article topics include fashion, hair and beauty, lifestyle, celebrity gossip, and financial advice. Sweepstakes prizes often include trips to meet Marie Claire staffers, designer fashion and accessories, cash, and more.

12. O Magazine Sweepstakes

O Magazine, also known as Oprah Magazine, is produced by Oprah Winfrey and Hearst. The magazine usually focuses on household tips, health and dietary advice, shopping tips, and more. O Magazine's sweepstakes often include makeup and cosmetics featured in the magazine as well as other prizes like vacations and cash.

13. Parents Magazine Sweepstakes

Parents Magazine is a childcare magazine published by the Meredith Corporation. The magazine's articles include topics like choosing a baby's name, food for kids, and childcare tips for various age groups. Parents Magazine Sweepstakes are usually tailored to their core audience, with prizes like nursery furniture and bedding sets, toys, baby carriages, and more.

14. PointClickHome Magazine Sweepstakes

PointClickHome Magazine is a part of the HFMUS Women's Network from Hachette Fillipacchi Media. The magazine features articles on keeping a home and entertaining, including remodeling tips, recipes, ideas on decorating your home, and more. PointClickHome Magazine Sweepstakes often include prizes like household decor, consumer electronics, coffee table books, indoor gardening prizes, and more. You can also visit the PointClickHome Magazine Sweepstakes Winners' List page to see if you've won.

15. Reader's Digest Sweepstakes

Reader's Digest produces monthly magazines with articles about health, local heroes, handyman advice, and more. Reader's Digest Sweepstakes usually offer prizes of cash, grocery store gift cards, and more. They also offer several large prizes as part of creative presentations.

16. Redbook Sweepstakes

Redbook is a woman's lifestyle magazine from Hearst's Women's Network. Redbook's articles cover love advice, beauty and fashion coverage, tips for raising kids, and career and financial advice. Redbook Magazine's sweepstakes offer prizes like jewelry, vacations, cover looks, skincare, and more.

17. Seventeen Magazine Sweepstakes

Seventeen is a magazine designed for older teens from Hearst Media. Article topics include makeup, hair, and beauty tips, dating and love advice, college lifestyle, and more. Typical prizes from Seventeen Magazine sweepstakes include prom dresses, cash, laptops and iPods, and other related items. Most Seventeen sweepstakes are open to US females between the ages of 13 and 29, but you should read the rules of each individual sweepstakes for eligibility.

18. Shape Magazine Sweepstakes

Shape Magazine is a heath and fitness magazine published by The American Media, Inc. Fitness and Health Network. Articles include advice on healthy eating, dieting, safe and effective workouts, etc. Common prizes in Shape Magazine's sweepstakes include fitness equipment, beauty supplies and cosmetics, and jewelry.

19. Woman's Day Sweepstakes

Woman's Day Magazine is a women's lifestyle publication from the HFMUS Women's Network from Hachette Fillipacchi Media. Common article topics include recipes, home decorating and organization, stress and diet advice, and beauty and style tips. Woman's Day Sweepstakes include prizes like vacations, household appliances, toys, jewelry and designer clothing, and more. You can check the Woman's Day Winner's List to see if you've won.

20. Woman's World Sweepstakes

Woman's World is a weekly magazine which focuses on issues like diet and weight loss, home and garden, and beauty tips. Woman's World Sweepstakes allow you to log into their site and then enter multiple sweepstakes with just a few clicks. Typical prizes include housewares and home decorations, jewelry and fashion prizes, small appliances, etc.

21. All HFMUS Sweepstakes

Visit this page to find all of the sweepstakes offered by magazines in the HFMUS network, including Woman's Day, Elle, PointClickHome, and more.

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