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Publishers Clearing House - Multi-Million Dollar Sweepstakes Sponsor


What Publishers Clearing House Does:

Publishers Clearing House is a marketing company famous for promoting huge sweepstakes along with its offers to buy magazine subscriptions and other items.

Although the company has run afoul of state regulatory agencies for not making it clear that purchases would not influence the chances of winning, Publishers Clearing House has changed their procedures and is now giving away more prizes than ever.

They offer search-and-win site Blingo and a lotto section on their website as well as their frequent multi-million dollar sweepstakes.

The Publishers Clearing House website can be found at http://www.pch.com.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Description:

The typical Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are very large cash giveaways. Many run in the range of $5 million or $10 million prizes.

Entry Frequency for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:

Usually you can enter daily.

Eligibility for Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:

Publishers Clearing House offers sweepstakes for U.S., UK, and Canadian residents.

When to Visit Publishers Clearing House:

Anytime - there are always sweepstakes live on the website.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes:

Many people wonder whether Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are legitimate. They are. The giveaways are closely watched by state regulatory commissions and legal agencies.

The company is so famous and its sweepstakes so popular that the chances to win are extremely low. Furthermore, the entry process includes several pages of advertisements and offers. You can receive a high volume of mail if you overlook the opt-out options, so take the time to read through what you are agreeing to when entering.

Remember, even if PCH odds are as high as the lottery, some of their prizes are as big or bigger - and free to enter.

Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes Scam Warning:

Although Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes are legitimate, a number of scammers try to capitalize on the popularity of these sweepstakes by using the PCH name to lure in victims. For this reason, Publishers Clearing House has its own Consumer Alerts Section to warn people of scams that use its name. If you have received a win notice that claims to be from PCH, contact them directly to discover whether it is legitimate or not.

I Have More Questions about Publishers Clearing House:

Many of the most commonly asked questions about PCH sweepstakes are answered in my Publishers Clearing House FAQ. If you have more questions that aren't on that list, feel free to email me.

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