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TeenSpot Sweepstakes - Sweepstakes for Teenagers


Who They Are:

TeenSpot is a website that provides entertainment, commentary, and community designed specifically for teenagers. They offer reviews of music and movies, upcoming artists, news designed to interest teens, chat and forums, and also contests. This is great news especially for people between the ages of 13 and 18, who are prohibited from entering most sweepstakes.

Where to Find Their Contests:

Sweepstakes Categories:

Most of the TeenSpot sweepstakes fall under the fashion, entertainment, and gaming categories. Typical prizes include MTV swag, brand name clothing, DVDs and music CDs, and gaming consoles like the Nintendo Wii.

Entry Frequency:

Most TeenSpot sweepstakes allow entry only once per person/email.

Entry Restrictions:

The minimum age to enter TeenSpot sweepstakes is 13. There is also an upper limit, which is usually either 19 or 22 years of age. TeenSpot sweepstakes are open to U.S. citizens.

When to Visit:

Anytime. TeenSpot sweepstakes generally run for about a month, and there are usually a few different sweepstakes underway at any given time.

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