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A Win is a Win - 5 Reasons to Love Small Wins

Why Small Wins Are (Nearly) as Awesome as Big Ones


Sweepers have a motto, "A Win is a Win," which indicates that even the smallest prize is something worth celebrating. Here are five reasons why you should celebrate even small wins.

1. Small Wins Show that Winning is Possible

Unsurprisingly, there are many more small prizes awarded in sweepstakes than big ones. If you enter only sweepstakes with huge prizes, it can take much longer to win, giving you ample reason to become discouraged and decide that you're just not meant to win sweepstakes. Small prizes show you that yes, you CAN win, and a big prize is just as possible as a small one.

2. Small Wins Can Be Useful

We could all use a new car or a great big pile of cash, it's true, but small wins can also be incredibly handy. A pair of movie tickets isn't going to change your life, but it can sure give you a fun evening. A duffel bag I won years ago has accompanied me on many of my travels. I've gotten hooked on TV shows after winning DVD sets.

OK, so maybe those small wins have changed my life after all...

3. Small Wins Make Great Presents

Not only can small prizes be useful for ourselves, but they can also make great gifts. I love to give presents, and sweepstakes prizes enable me to give gifts that I could never afford otherwise. iPods, autographed books, perfumes and jewelry, and game consoles are just a few of the smaller prizes that make fantastic prizes, or you can gather up even smaller prizes to make thoughtful gift baskets.

I'm not saying that your friends and family wouldn't love to receive a new car -- but a Nintendo Wii makes a pretty great present, too.

More Information about Using Prizes as Gifts:

4. Small Wins are Exciting

I really love packages that show up on my doorstep without notice, like Christmas presents arriving all year long. That won't happen with large prizes, since sponsors are required to get affidavits for prizes worth more than $600. Small prizes often appear as delightful surprises at the front door.

Similarly, it's fantastic to see a "Congratulations!" message pop up while entering instant win sweepstakes. Many of those prizes aren't huge, but they sure get the heart pounding!

5. Small Wins Prepare You for Big Wins

Wouldn't it be awful to win a big prize, and not receive it because you didn't know what a win notification looks like, or where to find a notary for your affidavit?

Small prizes help prepare you for big wins by teaching you what to expect when you win a prize. They keep you combing your email for winning notices and help you to know what to do when the word comes in that you've won.

So don't feel badly if the prizes you've received so far are small. Love your small prizes, because a win is a win -- and so long as you are winning, a big prize is sure to follow eventually!

Share Your Wins!

Winning small prizes can not only keep you motivated, it can help to inspire others as well! Share your wins, large or small, with others in the sweepstakes forum and keep the luck flowing!

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