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Use a Sweepstakes Strategy to Save Time and Win More Prizes


So many sweepstakes, so little time! That's the lament of anyone who takes entering sweeps seriously. There are so many fantastic prizes out there to win that even the most enthusiastic sweeper can't get to them all in a day.

That's why it's so important to have a sweepstakes strategy. Following a plan will help you improve your chances to win and avoid disqualification from duplicate entries.

Here is an example of a daily sweepstakes plan. Try it out, and see how it works for you.

Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: It only takes about 5 minutes to devise a winning sweepstakes strategy

Here's How:

  1. Review New Sweepstakes Listings

    Start out by looking over new sweepstakes listings to see what great contests have started recently. From these lists, select the daily, weekly, and monthly sweepstakes with prizes that you really want to win.
  2. Decide Sweepstakes You Want to Enter

    From the pool of contests and sweepstakes with prizes that you find attractive, select the best sweepstakes to enter. These sweepstakes will be your top priority; even if you don't have time to enter anything else, you should try to enter these sweeps.
  3. Use Bookmarks to Organize Your Entries

    In order to enter sweepstakes quickly without running the risk of disqualification through duplicate entries, you need a method of organization. A free and effective way to store your sweepstakes where you can find them easily and enter them quickly is to use bookmarks to organize your sweepstakes entries.
  4. Enter Your Daily Sweepstakes

    Next, you should enter the sweepstakes that you've designated for daily entry. Try to keep this list fairly small, so that you will be sure of getting through them every single day.

    If you have weekly or monthly sweepstakes on your list of favorites, set aside a specific time to enter them. The beginning of the week and the beginning of the month are good times.

  5. Enter Sweepstakes Ending Tomorrow

    Once you've hit your most important sweepstakes, go back to the listing and enter the sweepstakes that are just about to expire. This ensures that you get at least one entry into every sweepstake with a prize that you'd like to win.

    It's a good idea to enter a day before the sweepstake ends, because some giveaways close early. Check out the Sweepstakes by Expiration Date list to see when sweepstakes are ending.

  6. Enter Other Daily Sweeps, As Time Allows

    If you get through the first three steps and still have some extra time for entry, go through lists of daily sweepstakes and enter the ones with prizes you'd like to win.

    By following this simple strategy, you can maximize your sweepstakes entries while keeping the amount of time you spend entering flexible.

What You Need

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  • Firefox
  • Sweepstakes to Enter

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