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Online Sweepstakes or Mail-In Sweepstakes - Which are the Best to Enter?


Online Sweepstakes Pros & Cons

With faster internet connections becoming common in more and more households, online sweepstakes are growing in popularity. They are relatively simple for sponsors to create and promote, and a snap for sweepers to enter.

Online Sweepstakes Advantages:

  • Online sweepstakes are free to enter. You don't have to worry about buying postage or supplies
  • Because you don't need to worry about finding official entry blanks or specific sizes of paper/postcards, online sweepstakes are usually simpler to enter.
  • Faster internet connections mean that more can be entered in any specific time period.
  • Tools like Roboform make entering online sweepstakes even easier. Forms can be filled out with one click, as opposed to writing all of the information by hand.
  • Online sweepstakes are easy to find, thanks to sites like this one that collect lists of contests and sweepstakes to enter.
  • Online sweepstakes entry forms eliminate the problems of illegible handwriting, entries that get damaged in the mail, and incomplete entries.
  • Entrants receive immediate confirmation that their entry has been received with online sweepstakes.

Online Sweepstakes Disadvantages:

  • More people tend to enter sweepstakes online.
  • You need a working computer with an internet connection to enter online sweepstakes

Mail-In Sweepstake Pros & Cons

The low cost and ease of entry of online sweepstakes make them attractive to enter. However, these very benefits also have a big drawback - they mean that there are fewer barriers to enter. In other words, more people enter online sweepstakes, which means that the odds of winning are lower. For this reason, many people prefer mail-in sweepstakes. Advantages of Mail-In Sweepstakes:
  • Fewer people enter mail-in sweepstakes, which means that the odds of winning are higher.
  • Mail-in sweepstakes entry forms can be filled out while watching television, riding in a bus, train, or car, waiting in a doctor's office, or whenever you have some spare time - even if your computer is not close at hand.
  • If you lose your internet connection or your computer breaks down, you can keep entering mail-in sweepstakes unabated.
  • Some people find that filling out and decorating mail-in sweepstakes envelopes and entry forms is simply more fun.
Disadvantages of Mail-In Sweepstakes:
  • Postage, post cards, and other supplies can add up quickly, making it more expensive to enter.
  • Although the odds of winning might be higher, the cost of entry usually means that most people can only enter a limited number of sweepstakes.
  • Mail-in sweepstakes entries may be lost or damaged on their way to the sponsor, and the entrant would never know that the entry had not been received.
  • Mail-in sweepstakes are usually more time consuming and complicated to enter.
  • Most time-saving devices, like photocopies of entry forms, are prohibited in mail-in sweepstakes.


Whether online sweepstakes or mail-in sweepstakes are better is really a question that each individual has to answer for themselves. The best way to determine which entry method is right for you may be to try splitting your sweeping time between online sweepstakes and mail-in sweepstakes for a specific period of time - say, three to six months - and see which one is most effective and most FUN for you.

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