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3 Steps to Winning New Years Resolutions that Work


Frustrated with New Year's Resolutions that Don't Work?:

Do you want to win more in the New Year? Resolutions are a great step to improving your winning record. But many people write New Year's resolutions year after year without them having any lasting effect once the holidays are over.

The problem may be that you didn't come up with the right resolution to begin with. Here are some tips on how to make successful New Years resolutions and to win more sweepstakes than ever before.

First Step to a Successful Resolution: Make It Actionable:

Many sweepstakes fans make resolutions like "I want to win more next year" or "I want to win a big prize." But these statements are more like New Year's wishes than resolutions.

To be successful, a New Year's resolution must be something that you can do yourself. Being picked as a winner is out of your hands, but you can take action to raise your chances of winning. So center your resolution around something that you can do to win more.

For inspiration, check out New Year's Resolutions for Sweepstakes Fans.

Second Step to a Successful Resolution: Be Specific about your Goals:

A New Year's resolution can be actionable and still not help you win more in the year ahead. To be successful, your resolution should be specific enough that you can measure your success.

For example, instead of saying, "I want to enter more sweepstakes," a successful resolution would say, "I want to enter at least 50 sweepstakes a day." Instead of saying, "I want to try something new," a great resolution will say, "I want to enter at least one creative contest every month."

You are more likely to keep a New Year's resolution when you can track your success at sticking to it.

Third Step to a Successful Resolution: Write It Down:

It's easy to make a promise in your head, and then forget it when you get farther away from New Year's. Resolutions that you write down, and even tell to your friends, seem more binding.

A great way to commit to your New Year's sweepstakes resolutions is to write them down right here on your site. Get started: I resolve to... You can also get inspired by other sweepstakes resolutions.

Good Luck!:

Making sweepstakes resolutions is a fun way to get more motivated to win in the year ahead. Remember that you don't have to be perfect for your resolution to work. Even if you miss some of your goals, if you keep working toward them, you'll improve your chances of winning.

Good luck to all of you!

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