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Retweet Definition - What Is a Retweet?



A retweet is when you re-publish something another Twitter user has written, to spread the word among your own Twitter followers. Things you might want to retweet include sweepstakes announcements, links to helpful articles, or breaking news - in short, whatever you think your Twitter readers might like to hear about. Retweeting causes a ripple effect, helping more people hear about an interesting Tweet.

Many times, you will need to retweet posts from sponsors to enter Twitter contests.

How to Retweet on Twitter

You designate a retweet using the abbreviation RT followed by the original Twitterer's name and message. For example, RT @ContestsGuide would indicate that you are retweeting information that I originally posted. So to retweet, type the following into Twitter and send:

RT @twitterusername text of the original message.

retweet rhymes with repeat or reheat

Also Known As:

retweeting, retweeted

Alternate Spellings:



RT @ContestsGuide Today's new sweepstakes are up: http://contests.about.com/od/sweepstakeslistings/a/newsweepstakes.htm

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