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Free Sweepstakes Toolbar from About.com Contests

The Sweepstakes Toolbar Makes It Easy to Enter and Win Sweepstakes


Free Sweepstakes Toolbar from About.com Contests

The free sweepstakes toolbar, circled in red, in the Internet Explorer browser.

Image © Sandra Grauschopf, Used with Permission.
Have you ever meant to get around to entering your daily sweepstakes, but let it slip your mind until it was too late? Or wished that you had heard about some hot sweepstakes or breaking piece of news earlier? If you'd like an easy way to remember to enter sweepstakes, sign up for the Free Sweepstakes Toolbar from About.com Contests.

The sweepstakes toolbar sits in your internet browser, making it easy to get your most important sweepstakes information at a glance. (Click for a full-sized view of how the sweepstakes toolbar looks).

The features of the sweepstakes toolbar include:

  1. Quick Search of About.com Contests
    If you want to find a specific sweepstakes quickly, or you want to double-check an article you've read on About.com Contests, just type what you're looking for into the quick search bar to go directly to the About.com Contests page.

    Tip: To switch between Google Search and About.com Contests search, click on the tiny arrow next to the magnifying glass. About's search will show the About.com Red Ball.

  2. Links to the Most Popular Sweepstakes Lists
    Check the New Sweepstakes List, the Daily Sweepstakes List, and more of my most popular sweepstakes lists in just one click.

  3. Visit the Sweepstakes Forum
    Check in on the latest sweepstakes chatter, including more sweepstakes to enter, the latest win reports, and tips to help you win more.

  4. E-mail Notifier
    Enter your sweepstakes email (the most popular email programs are supported) and see at a glance when new email arrives. Make sure you don't miss a win notice!

    Tip: This feature works with Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, RR, AOL, and POP3 mail. Click on the "Settings" button to set it up.

  5. Social Sweeping
    Check out About.com Contests on Twitter or Facebook for more news and information.

  6. Scrolling Sweepstakes News
    Get the latest sweepstakes headlines from About.com Contests right in your internet browser.

  7. Sweepstakes News Flashes
    Get messages with timely sweepstakes news delivered directly to you. I can send brief messages with news like updates about short-running sweepstakes, big sweepstakes that are opening to entries, and more.

  8. Optional Features
    You can also add optional features like a pop-up blocker to reduce advertisements while entering sweepstakes, web radio to play tunes while you enter, and more.

Using the sweepstakes toolbar is quick and easy. Here's how to install it:

That's it. The sweepstakes toolbar is easy to use and absolutely free. If you don't like it, simply uninstall it again. You can also control which features you see in your browser by clicking on the small arrow next to the About.com Contests logo in the toolbar. If you don't use the e-mail notifier or don't like the scrolling news ticker, you can turn them off and enjoy the rest of the features.

Get started now: Download the Free Sweepstakes Toolbar.

Note that while I put together the information on the Sweepstakes Toolbar, the toolbar software itself is built and maintained by Conduit, which has its own Privacy Policy, terms, and technical support. -- Sandra

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