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Tips to Make Sweepstakes More Fun

Sweepstakes are a lot of fun, but sometimes submitting entry form after entry form can turn into a grind. Here are some things that can put the fun back into sweepstakes entry.

Fun Sweepstakes Polls - Share Your Opinions about Sweepstakes
Share your sweepstakes opinions with these fun sweepstakes polls.

Sweepstakes on TV and in the Movies
Mentions of sweepstakes can pop up where you least expect them. Read about mentions of sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries on TV or in the movies. If you see a sweepstakes mention in a fictional show, share your story, too.

You Know You're a Sweepaholic When...
Are you a sweepaholic? This fun article shares tips on how you can tell the difference between someone who enters sweepstakes and true sweepaholics.

Winning with Winnie the Pooh
You might not think of A.A. Milne's famous bear when you think of sweepstakes. But many famous Pooh quotes are surprisingly applicable to sweepstakes entry.

Top 2 Songs to Play While Entering Sweepstakes
Need help staying motivated to enter sweepstakes? These songs, with themes that center around winning and luck, could be just what you need to play while entering to keep your spirits up, your will strong, and your fingers entering those sweeps!

Win Prizes for Things You're Doing Anyway
Entering sweepstakes is a lot of fun, but it is time consuming. If you're having trouble finding time to enter sweepstakes , there's good news: you can win prizes for things you are doing anywhere. Here are some ways you can win prizes without making any extra effort.

What Are You Thankful For Regarding Sweepstakes?
Sweepstakes is a great hobby in many ways above and beyond what you can win by entering. What about sweepstakes makes you thankful? Share your favorite things about sweeping here, or read why other people love sweepstakes.

Sweepstakes Scavenger Hunt - Get Motivated!
This sweepstakes scavenger challenges you to become a better sweeper, to stay motivated to enter, and to win more prizes!

5 Reasons Why Entering Sweepstakes Is a Better Hobby than Yoga
Are you feeling a little guilty that you're entering sweepstakes while your friends are sweating away at yoga? Here are five reasons to feel good about your sweepstakes hobby.

Sweepers Share Tips on Making Sweepstakes More Fun
Are you tired of filling out sweepstakes entry forms? Are you looking for some ways to make sweepstakes more fun? Read these tips from other sweepers, or share your own ideas to put the fun back into entering contests and sweepstakes.

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