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How to Change Your Sweepstakes Email Address

Changing Sweepstakes Emails without Losing Entries


I recommend using a separate sweepstakes email address for your entries, in order to avoid clogging up your regular email address while finding wins and recognizing scams more easily.

If you lose access to your sweepstakes email, however, you run the risk of wasting the entries you made with that address. Here are some tips to avoid having to change your sweepstakes email, and what to do if you have to make a change.

How to Avoid Having to Change Your Sweepstakes Email Address

The best way to prevent wasted entries is to avoid having to change your email address altogether. Picking the right provider for your sweepstakes emails can save you hassle down the road.
  • Use a Reliable Email Provider In the ever-shifting internet climate, a site can be powerful today and gone tomorrow. But you can minimize your risks of losing your email address unexpectedly if you use a long-standing email provider.

    To help you make your selection, About.com's Guide to Email has a list of the top free email providers.

  • Don't Use Your ISP's Email Address
    Many Internet Service Providers offer free email addresses to their subscriber. This might seem like a good idea for sweepstakes emails, because the likelihood that a large ISP will disappear without warning is slim. However, if you change your internet provider, you may have trouble taking your email address with you.

    A free web-based email address lets you access it easily from any computer, and if you find a better deal for your internet service, you won't have to worry about losing your sweepstakes emails.

  • Avoid Clogging Your Sweepstakes Email with Spam
    I've had to shut down sweepstakes email addresses in the past, because they became too clogged with spam mail.

    Take the time to unsubscribe from email newsletters that you don't want to receive, take steps to protect your email address from spam and scams, and make sure that sites have a good privacy policy before giving them your email address.

What to Do if You Have to Change Your Sweepstakes Email Address

Sometimes, however, a change is unavoidable. Here are some tips on how to lose as few entries as possible if you have to change email addresses.
  • Start Making the Change as Soon as Possible

    The best way to avoid wasting sweepstakes entries is to change over your email address while you still have access to your old account.

    Getting started on your email change early will ensure you'll still be able to receive win notifications in your old account, even from those sweepstakes where you can't change your email address.

  • Consider Forwarding the Mails from Your Old Account
    If you still have access to your old email account, using a mail forwarding program might help you continue to receive your sweepstakes email.

    Some ISPs offer this ability, and About.com's Guide to Email has a review of a mail forwarding program that might help.

  • Enter New Sweepstakes with Your New Email Address
    New sweepstakes entry is simple - just use your new email when you make your entries.

    Make sure to update your Roboform identity and Texter shortcuts with your new email, if you use those programs.

  • Change Your Email Address in Your Profiles
    Many sweepstakes that ask for a log-in store your contact information in a profile. This makes it super-easy to change your email address. Just log in and update the information, and you're done.

  • Don't Duplicate Your Sweepstakes Entries
    Usually, changing your email address shouldn't disqualify you for duplicate entries in daily sweepstakes.

    Make sure, however, that you don't double enter one-time sweepstakes, or make entries with both email addresses on the same day.

  • Check the Sweepstakes Rules for Directions
    For one-entry sweepstakes or daily sweepstakes that won't let you enter with a new email, changing your sweepstakes email gets trickier.

    Sometimes, however, the sweepstakes rules will give you an email address that you can use for sweepstakes problems. You may be able to update your email address by contacting that email. Sometimes the rules will even tell you how to change your email, which is nice.

  • Pay Special Attention to Phone Calls/Postal Mail from Sponsors
    Sponsors who can't reach you by email may try to reach you by phone or postal mail. Be especially careful to answer your sweepstakes phone, even if the number is unfamiliar. Remember that many sponsors won't leave messages if you win.
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