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HGTV 2008 Green Home Sweepstakes - All About HGTV's Green Home 2008


HGTV Green Home in Hilton Head, SC

HGTV Green Home in Hilton Head, SC

Image © 2008, HGTV

Overview of the 2008 HGTV Green Home:

HGTV is building on the success of the Dream Home Sweepstakes with another big house giveaway. This time, however, they are demonstrating how to build an eco-friendly house that protects the environment and helps save the owner money. The environmental focus is why they are calling this the Green Home Giveaway.

About the 2008 Green Home Setting:

The 2008 HGTV Green Home is located near the popular beach resort of Hilton Head, SC. It will be part of a 5,300-acre planned community called Traditions of Hilton Head (visit their website), which includes a golf course, a Village Square with shops, concerts, events, and restaurants, and a fantastic spa and fitness center. It is conveniently located close to Savannah, Georgia and the Hilton Head resort island.

Layout of the 2008 Green Home:

The 2008 Green Home is a two-story cottage-style house with room furnishings and decor by designer Linda Woodrum, who has worked on the past 11 HGTV Dream Homes. The house features three bedrooms including a master suite, two bathrooms, and a host of interesting design features like a walk-in pantry, a bedroom nook where the kids can play, and a gracious foyer. But the house really stands out when you look at its outside areas which include four porches, a fire pit, and an outdoor dining area.

Special Features of the HGTV Green Home 2008:

The focus of the Green Home is sustainable design and comfort. Nearly everything used in the building of the house came from within 500 miles of the site, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the use of non-renewable resources like gas and oil during transportation. Whenever possible, recycled and environmentally products were used.

The appliances are Energy-Star compliant, and the entire house received a Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, indicating that it adheres to strict eco-friendly design.

Total Prize Package:

Aside from the home itself, the HGTV 2008 Green Home Giveaway will also include a new GMC Yukon Hybrid, the SUV that can offer 50% more fuel efficiency than other cars in its class.

The total prize package is worth $850,000. Note that this is a much more affordable sweepstakes than the Dream Home is.

HTV Green Home Sweepstakes Dates:

The sweepstakes will run from March 21 - May 9, 2008. The winner will be announced on live television on June 8, 2008.

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