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A Guide to the Different Types of Sweepstakes to Enter


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What Kinds of Sweepstakes Can I Enter?

You might think that all sweepstakes are basically alike -- you enter, and you get a chance to win, right? Well, there are actually many different types of sweepstakes. And each sweepstakes type has its own entry methods and winning strategies. Plus, some people just like some kinds of giveaways more than others (my personal favorites are instant sweepstakes, for example).

Here, you'll find a guide to the different types of sweepstakes that are available to enter. Use it to find the giveaways suit your preferences. Plus, if you are experiencing some sweepstakes burnout, trying new ways to enter can reinvigorate you, making you feel more motivated and have more fun entering.

So use this list to find something new to try. You can also score more points in my sweepstakes scavenger hunt by trying new sweepstakes types.

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