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Where Can I Find a Notary for Affidavits?


Question: Where Can I Find a Notary for Affidavits?
Answer: If you win a large sweepstakes prize - or sometimes, even smaller prizes - you will need to have your affidavit witnessed by a notary public. If you have never had to do this before, the good news is that they are easy to find and their services are usually quite inexpensive. Some ideas for where to look for one include:

Your Local Bank

Many banks and credit unions provide notary services free of charge to customers.

Public Libraries

Some public libraries offer notary services as an additional benefit to patrons.

Mail Box Companies

Companies such as UPS and Mail Boxes, Etc. often have notaries available in their stores.

Government Offices

Government offices often have notaries, and sometimes their services are free of charge.

Insurance and Real Estate Agencies

Notaries are often needed at insurance and real estate companies, and some may be willing to notarize sweepstakes documents as well.

The Phone Book

If all else fails, your business telephone book should have a listing for notaries located near your home.

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