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50+ Ways to Find Local Contests and Sweepstakes

Boost Your Odds of Winning by Entering Local Contests in Your City


Local contests and sweepstakes have great odds to winning because fewer people are eligible enter them. But how do you find local contests in your city? Here are 50+ ways to find local contests and sweepstakes in your area.

Find Local Contests in Your City's News Media:

A good place to start finding local contests is your local news outlets. For example:
  • 1. Local newspapers: Check the small, regional papers for your city.
  • 2. Local radio stations: Listen to the radio stations that only serve your region. Their contests have better odds than the national radio chains. See How to Win Radio Contests for more information.
  • 3. Local television stations: Regional television channels often broadcast local contests and sweepstakes.
  • 4. Local magazines: Some areas have magazines that cater to events in your city. This is a great place to find local contests and sweepstakes.

Local Contests in Your Area Stores:

Many stores give you the chance to win local contests and sweepstakes. You may have better luck in smaller stores than in the national chains, but even chains sometimes offer regional contests. Some great local stores to check for sweepstakes include:
  • 5. Grocery stores: Your local grocery store is a fantastic place to find local sweepstakes and contests. Near the entrance, the bread aisle, and the liquor aisle are all good places to check.
  • 6. Convenience stores: Like grocery stores, many convenience stores offer national and local sweepstakes. The mom-and-pop chains have better chances of offering local sweepstakes.
  • 7. Information Center of Your Mall: Your mall's information center often holds drop boxes for local sweepstakes. And if you don't see any boxes available, you can ask if they know of any contests running in the mall's stores.
  • 8. Mall Stores: When you're browsing the mall, keep an eye out for contests offered by the individual stores. Some may be national, but others may be location-specific.
  • 9. Mall Kiosks: Many malls also offer local contests at kiosks in the aisles of the mall. These can be good chances to win, but be sure to read the rules carefully to see how your contact information will be used and when the drawing will be. There is a common marketing ploy that claims to be giving away a car or other large prize, but the prize won't be awarded for years, or you have to listen to a timeshare presentation to participate, or your personal information will be sold, so use your judgment when entering these sweepstakes.
  • 10. Mall Food Courts: The restaurants at the food court of your mall may also offer local giveaways for everything from free food to vacations, cash, and more.
  • 11. Car Dealerships: Many local car dealerships offer giveaways and sweepstakes to encourage people to see their cars.
  • 12. Business Card Drop Boxes: Many stores and restaurants offer giveaways where all you have to do is drop a business card into a drop box or fish bowl to participate. Keep your eyes open near the entrance of your local stores. If you don't have a business card for your company, you can use these free business card templates to print your own. Be sure to always have a few in your wallet for those surprise local sweepstakes.
  • 13. Your Bank: Banks and financial institutions sometimes hold local giveaways. Keep an eye out when you visit their branches.
  • 14. Your Favorite Restaurants: Many restaurants hold sweepstakes and contests. While the national chains are more likely to hold national sweepstakes, they'll sometimes offer local contests as well.
  • 15. "Grand Openings" of Stores: A local contest is a great way to draw people to a "grand opening" of a new store. These contests aren't always announced in advance, so it might be worth popping into any local grand openings to see what's going on.
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