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Free Books Sweepstakes - Websites Offering Free Book Giveaways

Win free books from these book giveaway sites.


If you're a voracious reader, few things are more satisfying than free books to read. Here is a collection of websites that frequently hold book sweepstakes. Free book giveaways are a great way to find out about new authors and try different genres and literary styles.

If you have a favorite website that offers their own book sweepstakes, email me and let me know. I might add it to the book sweepstakes list!

If you have won a free book, from one of these book sweepstakes sites or from any other source, make sure to take the quick poll, Which Book Sweepstakes Sites Have You Won From? at the end of the article.

1. Win Free Books at GoodReads.com

GoodReads.com screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

GoodReads.com is a website where you can track the books you've read, find news about your favorite authors, and keep up with the books your friends are reading. GoodReads also gives away lots and lots of free books in genres like non-fiction, romance, science fiction, and literature.

Most of the book giveaways on GoodReads.com are pre-release books which publishers and authors offer to get early reviews of their novels. You're not required to write reviews of the books you win, but it is encouraged.

You can sort the giveaways by Ending Soon, Most Requested, Popular Authors, and Newly Listed. If you sort by Most Requests, you can go to the end of the list and see the books that have fewer people trying to win them, and thus, better odds.

Most of the GoodReads book giveaways are open to US residents, but some are also open to Canada, the UK, and other international entrants.

2. BookDivas.com Offers Frequent Book Giveaways

BookDivas.com screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

BookDivas is a book-lovers' website that features author interviews, book reviews, tips for breaking into the writing industry, and more. BookDivas also shares the love of reading by offering free book sweepstakes. You can sometimes find writing contests on BookDivas as well.

The books I've won from this company usually have a pretty book plate inside saying that the book came from BookDivas, and many also come with a handy BookDivas bookmark. Both of these things are nice added touches.

Check the rules to be sure, but most BookDivas book giveaways are open to international residents aged 13 and above.

3. Monthly Book Sweepstakes at FreshFiction.com

FreshFiction.com screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

FreshFiction.com offers book reviews, author chats, book news, and book contests. They specialize in genre fiction such as romance, science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers, and more.

FreshFiction gives authors the chance to offer book sweepstakes on their site. Sometimes, these sweepstakes include other prizes as well as books, like cash, gift certificates, and gift baskets. Many times, you need to agree to receive emails from the authors to participate in the giveaways. FreshFiction also supports authors by buying books at signings and offering them in their own giveaways. The last three months of book winners are also listed on the FreshFiction contest website.

I couldn't find entry restrictions on the book contests I entered at FreshFiction.com.

4. BookLoons.com Lists Book Contests for Kids and Adults

BookLoons screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

BookLoons.com offers book reviews, book columns, and excerpts of books for adults, teens, and kids. They also have an extensive listing of book sweepstakes that covers their own sweepstakes and book giveaways on other sites.

The sweepstakes listings are divided up into sweepstakes for adults and for younger readers, which makes it easy to find age-appropriate contests to enter.

Because the book sweepstakes list on BookLoons covers many different sites, there are no standard entry restrictions. Read the rules of each sweepstakes to see if you're eligible to enter.

5. Christianbook.com Free Book Giveaways

Christianbook screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

Christianbook.com is a catalog company that specializes in Christian products. They offer a selection of free book giveaways on an ongoing basis, as well as other prizes like getaways, cosmetics, and more. The book giveaways cover fiction, self-help, and non-fiction genres.

Many of the Christianbook.com book giveaways are open to residents of the contiguous US aged 14+, but that can change, so check the rules before entering to be sure.

6. Free Children's Books from HarperCollins Kids

Harper Collins Kids screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

HarperCollins Kids is the division of book publisher Harper Collins that focuses on children's books. The Games and Contests section of the HarperCollins Kids website gives entrants the chance to win free kids' books as well as other types of prizes.

Check the rules to be sure, but it looks like most of the HarperCollins Kids giveaways are open to residents of the US, with some states restricted. It doesn't look like there are age restrictions, so kids can enter as well.

7. Win YA Books from HarperTeen

HarperTeen screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

HarperTeen, in the meantime, focuses on young adult books by authors like Joyce Carol Oates, Melissa Marr, and Meg Cabot. And by entering their sweepstakes, you can win free books from these popular authors and many more.

Like the HarperCollins Kids giveaways, HarperTeen book sweepstakes are usually open to residents of the US, with some states restricted, and are open to book lovers of all ages.

8. James Patterson's Website Offers Fre Books

JamesPatterson.com screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

If you're a fan of popular author James Patterson, you'll be glad to know that he offers chances to win free books regularly on his website, JamesPatterson.com. To enter, you need to sign up for his newsletter and/or join the James Patterson community.

James Patterson book giveaways are often open to residents of the US and Canada aged 13 and above. Check the rules for details.

Tip: Many other authors offer free book giveaways on their sites as well. Check your favorite authors' websites to see if they have any books you can win.

9. Win Computer Books at ITWorld.com

ITWorld screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

ITWorld is a computer technology-oriented website, that offers articles, blogs, white papers, and tips on subjects like how companies can leverage technology to increase their profits, information and reviews about the latest gadgets, and news about what's going on in the information technology arena.

Every month, ITWorld gives away a selection of computer-related books. These books are generally open to US residents aged 18 and above, and run from the first to last day of each month.

10. Cookbook Sweepstakes at Leite's Culinaria

Enter cookbook giveaways at Leite's Culinaria.
Leite's Culinaria screen shot taken by Sandra Grauschopf.

Leite's Culinaria is a foodie website that offers recipes, articles about food history and science, virtual cooking and writing classes, and more.

Every month, Leite's Culinaria gives away a selection of cookbooks, as well as other kitchen prizes. Their cookbook giveaways generally offer daily entry to US residents over the age of 18 (but check the rules to be sure before entering).

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