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Roboform - Review of Roboform's Automatic Form Filling Software

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The Bottom Line

Roboform is an indispensable tool for any sweeper. If you use just one aid to enter sweepstakes more easily, it should be this one.

If you're not sure whether Roboform is right for you, download the free version and try it out. If you need more features, you can upgrade to the paid version at any time.


  • Roboform saves huge amounts of time entering sweepstakes
  • Makes sure you never forget a password
  • Reduces frustration and boredom in sweepstakes entry
  • No spyware or adware
  • Download a basic, unlimited version of Roboform for free


  • Some sweepstakes prohibit entry with Roboform
  • Some features only available with payment
  • Roboform doesn't work with Flash Sweepstakes
  • Roboform only works with Windows computers (note: Roboform has a beta version for other platforms)


  • Roboform is a form filling program that enters your information into entry forms with a single click of your mouse.
  • Roboform saves the passwords you use to enter different sweepstakes, so that you can easily remember them later.
  • Roboform saves entry forms all of your preferences pre-filled (limited passcards included with free download).
  • Roboform allows you to store information for each family member (limited number of identities included with free download).

Guide Review - Roboform - Review of Roboform's Automatic Form Filling Software

Roboform eliminates one of the hardest parts of entering online sweepstakes - typing your personal information into entry forms over and over (and over!) again. Roboform is an elegant solution to this problem. Simply enter your information into Roboform's easy interface, and you will be able to automatically fill forms with a single click of your mouse. You'll save an enormous amount of time and energy, and be able to enter more sweepstakes than ever before.

Some of Roboform's Special Features

Save Long Entry Forms

Roboform also allows you to save entry forms for individual sweepstakes, so that if you return to enter again, all of your opt-in fields and other information that isn't normally saved in your Roboform identity can be entered with a click. This vastly simplifies daily entries.

Roboform Allows You To Save Information for Different People

If you have more than one sweeper in your home, you can use Roboform's Identities to store separate information for each, meaning that each person can enter quickly and easily. You can also use Roboform's Identities to save information used in different situations, like your home and work address.

Two Roboform Versions - Free and Paid

The basic Roboform software is free to download; however, you may want to consider upgrading to the "professional" version after you try out the software. The one-time fee is very reasonable, only about $30, and you will have access to unlimited identities, saved forms, and advanced features.

The only drawback of using Roboform is that some sweepstakes prohibit entry with any form-filling aid. Although Roboform does not usually fall under the designation of an automatic entry, you should not use the software to enter if the sweepstakes rules require manual entry or manual keystrokes. For more information, see Will I Be Disqualified for Using Roboform?

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 5 out of 5
excellent and easy product, Member MtKat

I use this product several times a day. I have a ton of passwords, and this software makes it possible (without driving me crazy looking them up). it is quick to learn...you can either let it take you to the site, & it autom. fills in, and click you in -- all automatically; or you can go to the site and chose ""fill in"". I also use the ""identities"" section if I want to fill in a form; love how fast it is vs. doing it manually.

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