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Taxes & Finances - Paying Taxes on Prize Wins

Learn about sweepstakes taxes and how to avoid overpaying them.

How to Pay Your Sweepstakes Taxes
If you live in the United States, you need to pay taxes on your sweepstakes wins. Here are the steps you'll need to take to file your sweepstakes taxes.

Questions about Sweepstakes Taxes
Your top questions about paying sweepstakes taxes on prize wins, answered here.

How to Dispute the ARV on Your Sweepstakes Taxes
Learn how to reduce your sweepstakes taxes by ensuring that you only pay the Fair Market Value (FMV), not the Approximate Retail Value (ARV) on your wins.

How to Make the Taxes on Car Sweepstakes Wins Affordable
Winning car sweepstakes might sound like a dream come true - until tax time rolls around, and you owe Uncle Sam thousands of dollars in taxes. Learn how to make taxes more bearable when you win a car.

Do I Have to Pay Sweepstakes Taxes on Prizes Worth Less Than $600?
Are you wondering whether you have to pay taxes on sweepstakes prizes worth less than $600? Find out here.

Tip: Consider Sweepstakes Taxes Before Entering to Win
Learn how sweepstakes taxes should influence the sweepstakes you enter.

What Do You Think about Taxes and the HGTV Dream Home?
Voice your opinion about what you'd do to pay the high taxes on the HGTV Dream Home, a prize worth over $2 million dollars.

Free Prize Spreadsheet to Download
Organize your sweepstakes wins with this free prize spreadsheet. Keep the important information about each win at your fingertips, and make tax time easier than ever.

When Should I Receive 1099 Forms for my Sweepstakes Wins?
If you filled out an affidavit for a sweepstakes prize, you can expect to receive a 1099 form from the sponsors at the beginning of the year. Find out what to expect from sweepstakes 1099s, and when.

Methods to Track Sweepstakes Wins
Once you know what information you want to record to http://track sweepstakes prizes , the next question is -- what's the easiest and most orderly way to record your sweepstakes wins? Here are some popular programs and other methods to help you create a sweepstakes spreadsheet that will enable you to record your swe…

How to Track Sweepstakes Wins
Tracking sweepstakes wins is useful for many reasons. Find out how to do it in this article.

Could Taxes Turn the HGTV Dream Home Into a Nightmare?
Every year, the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes, gives one lucky winner the mansion of their dreams, as well as other prizes. What happens after you win, however? How can you handle the tax burden? Find out here.

Can I Deduct Sweepstakes Expenses on My Taxes?
If you enter sweepstakes, you could rack up some expenses during the year. Would you like to be able to deduct these expenses on your taxes? Find out how!

Why Is the ARV for My Prize So High?
Learn why the approximate retail value (ARV) of sweepstakes prizes is often higher than it should be, and what an inflated ARV means to you.

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