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Twitter Sweepstakes - How to Win Twitter Sweepstakes

Twitter is a new way to enter and win contests and sweepstakes. Find out how to get started with Twitter, and how to enter and win Twitter sweepstakes.

Get Started with Twitter Contests
Twitter contests are a hot new trend in the sweepstakes industry. Find out how to enter and win contests on Twitter.

Is Twitter Good for Entering Sweepstakes?
Is Twitter good for entering sweepstakes? Sweepstakes enthusiasts review how useful the Twitter platform is for entering and winning prizes. See submissions

Twitter Contests to Enter in the Sweepstakes Forum
Find current Twitter contests to enter in About.com's Sweepstakes Forum.

Top Twitter Terms for Beginners
This glossary of Twitter terms for beginners will help you get started winning on Twitter.

How to Use TweetDeck to Enter Twitter Contests
TweetDeck makes finding and entering Twitter contests easier. Find out how with this easy how-to.

How to Recognize Scam Wins on Twitter
Have you received a win notification from Twitter? Hopefully, it means a great prize is in store for you, but sadly, scammers have started sending fake win notifications through Twitter. Learn to tell the difference between a Twitter sweepstakes scam and a legitimate win to protect yourself from information theft and worse.

What Have You Won in Twitter Giveaways?
Have you ever wondered what you could win in Twitter giveaways? Find out what About.com Contests readers have already won through Twitter sweepstakes.

How to Enter Twitter Sweepstakes without Spamming Your Friends
I'd like to enter Twitter sweepstakes, but I don't want to spam my friends with all of those retweets. Find out how to win on Twitter without being spammy.

How to Link to a Tweet on Twitter - Link to an Individual Twitter Post
How do you link to a Tweet? Many sweepstakes ask you to Tweet a message and then send the sponsor a link to your Twitter post as proof. But how do you find the link for an individual Tweet? Find out in this easy article.

Twitter Review for Sweepstakes Fans
For sweepers, ignoring Twitter means missing out on many chances to win. Find out why.

Sweepstakes a Success for @Moonfruit, Not So Great for Twitter
Moonfruit's Twitter sweepstakes made an overnight sensation - to the annoyance of many Twitter users. Find out more about this controversial Twitter sweepstakes.

How to Use Hashtags in Twitter
Many Twitter sweepstakes require that you use hashtags in your Tweets to enter. About.com's Marketing Guide covers how to use hashtags properly.

A Comprehensive Guide to Twitter
About.com's Guide to Web Trends has put together a comprehensive guide to using Twitter.

Why Small Businesses Use Twitter
About.com's Small Business Guide covers some of the good reasons why small businesses should use Twitter. This can also give you insight on why companies use Twitter for sweepstakes.

Twitter vs. Blogging - The Pros and Cons
About.com's Guide to Personal Web Sites covers how Twitter is different from blogging, and why you might enjoy one over the other.

How Many People Use Twitter?
Find out why sweepstakes sponsors are so impressed with Twitter, with these statistics about how quickly Twitter is gaining popularity.

3 Easy Ways to Make Twitter Safer and Less Cluttered
If your Twitter account has gotten cluttered, it can be harder to use - and less safe! F-Secure shares three easy ways to clean up your Twitter account.

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