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Watch and Win Sweepstakes Definition - What Are Watch and Win Sweepstakes?


Watch and win sweepstakes are a category of sweepstakes that require that you watch something to be able to enter.

For example, watch and win sweepstakes could ask you to watch a certain channel for codes, or it could have clues hidden in an episode of a certain show, or you might have to watch a video online to get the answer to a trivia question.

Can You Enter Watch and Win Sweepstakes If You Miss the Show?

Sometimes, it's just not possible to watch the required television show, channel, or episode. Luckily, many times, other helpful sweepers will join together to share the necessary codes. A good place to look is in the Trivia Answers section of the About.com Contests Forum.
An example of a watch and win sweepstakes is Comedy Central's annual Thanxgiveaway Wiikend Sweepstakes, which publishes codes every hour on Comedy Central throughout the entire Thanksgiving weekend.

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