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Enter and Win Skill Contests - All About Creative Contests

Unlike sweepstakes, contests are not won through luck alone. Judges select the best recipes, essays, photographs, or other types of competition to receive the prize. Read hints on how to enter these creative contests, links to current contests to enter, and how to improve your chances of winning.
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5 Reasons to Enter Skill Contests
Should you spend the time to enter skill contests? If you're not sure, here are five reasons that might convince you.

What's Wrong with Entering Contests You're Not Going to Win
We all know that when we enter contests, there's a good chance we won't win. Someone might come up with an entry that hits the judges just the right way, no matter how great your entry is. But there are also contests that you will never win, because you don't meet the qualifications. Should you try to enter anyway? No, and here's why.

Photo Contests and Video Contests to Enter
Photography contests and video contests are a lot of fun to enter, and they give you the chance of winning some fantastic prizes. All you need to win a photo contest is a camera and some practice. This photo contest list helps you find contests that you can win with your photography and home videos.

Writing Contest List - Current Writing Contests to Enter
Writing contests are a great way to express your creativity while winning great prizes. Writing contests often have less competition than random-draw sweepstakes, so why not give them a try? This is a list of current creative writing contests to enter today. If you'd like to win more contests, see tips to win essay contests and 10 qualities...

IVF Contests: What You Need to Know
While most people hope to win a car or some cash, IVF contests give struggling couples the chance to win a priceless prize: a child. Find out what you need to know before you enter.

What Types of Contests Can I Enter?
This article breaks down some of the most common types of creative contests, including examples of each.

5 Ways to Find Answers for Trivia Contests
These tips will help find the answers to trivia contest questions.

10 Contests that Changed History
Did you know that contests have changed history? If you think of contests as nothing more than writing ditties or sending in pictures of your vacation, think again with these 10 historic contests.

Interview with a Contest Winner - Tips and Advice on Winning Contests
Insider insight from a frequent contest winner. Nancy shares her tips and secrets to creating a prize-winning essay contest entry.

How to Win Halloween Costume Contests
Do you want to win costume contests this Halloween? Read expert tips from About.com's Guide to Contests that will help you beat the competition in Halloween costume contests.

How to Win Pumpkin Carving Contests for Halloween
Do you want to win pumpkin carving contests this fall? Learn how to create winning entries for pumpkin carving contests with these easy tips.

Have You Won a Costume Contest - Share Your Costume Contest Wins
Have you ever won a costume contest? Share your experience, or read stories from other costume contest winners

How Do You Pick Contests to Enter - What Do You Look for in a Contest
Contest fans share their opinions of what makes a good contest to enter. Share your opinion, too!

Programming Contests from the C Programming Guide
About.com's Guide to C, C++, and C# has compiled a list of 10 programming contests that you can enter.

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