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Top 5 Ways to Find Answers for Trivia Contests


Trivia contests are giveaways where the winners are drawn from the pool of people who correctly answer a question or questions. Sometimes the answers are obvious, but there are some real brainteasers out there as well. The harder the questions are, the higher your chances of winning if you can solve them, because a lot of people are going to make mistakes. Learn how to find answers to even the toughest of trivia questions.

1. Visit the Contests and Sweepstakes Forum

Our members love to help each other win sweepstakes by posting trivia answers in the Trivia Answers Section of the Sweepstakes Forum. Stop by and see if your questions are answered there. When you have cracked some hard questions yourself, post the answers in the forums to help other members.

2. Find Trivia Answers on the Contest Sponsor's Website

Many trivia questions are designed to encourage sweepers to take a look around the contest sponsor's website. Some contests provide links to specific pages to help participants find the answers they need, whereas other contests are more subtle. Spending a few minutes to read the information on the contest website could net you the answer, and will at the very least be much appreciated by the sponsor.

3. Use the About Network

Many About Guides post answers to trivia questions that are related to their topic. For example, the Inventors Guide has compiled many pages worth of trivia about technological advances and the people who invented them.

4. Consult Your Sweepstakes Club

Two heads are better than one when it comes to cracking trivia contests, and your sweepstakes club can provide you with a group of eager helpers. Working together to solve tough questions can help improve all of your chances to win.

5. Ask an Expert

Some questions can only be answered by people who are really in the know. By posting your question to a service like Yahoo Answers or other expert reference sites, you can get the information you need quickly and easily.

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