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After You Win - How to Claim Your Prizes

Learn what happens after you win a sweepstakes prize - how you'll be notified, which forms you'll need to submit, how your prize will arrive, and much more.

What to Expect After You Win Sweepstakes
Are you wondering what happens after you win a prize? Find out what to expect, so you can recognize when something is off (and might be a sweepstakes scam) and so that you can be sure not to let any real wins pass you by.

Afraid It's Not Real? Learn These Things that Aren't Signs of Scams
While it's very important to be aware of the warning signs of a sweepstakes scam, I've also seen people who are afraid to respond to real win notices because of perfectly normal sweepstakes practices. Here are some of the top things that aren't signs of scams.

How Sweepstakes Notify Winners
How will you know when you've won a prize? Learn how how sweepstakes notify people that they've won.

Do Sweepstakes Leave Phone Messages if You Win Prizes?
If sweepstakes call you by phone to let you know you've won and you don't answer, will you receive a message? Find out here.

How are Winners Drawn? Do Entry Times Matter?
Can you improve your chances of winning sweepstakes by entering at a particular time of the day? Find out here!

What Do Winning Emails Look Like?
What do winning emails look like? If you've wondered how you'll tell the difference between a winning email and regular email, read this article.

Turning Down Sweepstakes Prizes
Everyone enters sweepstakes hoping to win, but every now and then you aren't able to accept a prize you've won. Here's everything you need to know about turning down sweepstakes prizes.

Answers to Your Top Questions about Winning Vacations
Winning vacations is a huge thrill, but you may have a lot of questions after you win. Here are answers to questions you might have after you win a trip.

How Long Does It Take Prizes to Arrive? What Do I Do When Prizes Are Late?
Once you win a prize, how long does it take to arrive? And what should you do if a prize is late? Find out in this article.

What Not to Do When You Win Sweepstakes
Here are some tips about what NOT to do when you win sweepstakes, to avoid sounding ungracious when you receive a prize.

Use Google Alerts to Find Sweepstakes Wins
Learn how to put one of the most useful features of Google to work for you to ensure that you never miss a win notification.

Does a Sweepstakes Sponsor Have to Offer a Cash Option for a Trip Prize?
I won a trip, but I can't take it. Does the sponsor have to offer me a cash option instead of taking the trip prize?

3 Good Reasons to Track Sweepstakes Prizes
Do you track your sweepstakes prizes as you receive them, or do you simply do a happy dance and then forget about your prizes? If you tend more toward the latter, here are 3 good reasons why you should start recording your sweepstakes prizes.

Top 5 Ways to Find Good Homes for Unwanted Wins
Over time, every dedicated sweeper is sure to end up with a pile of wins that he or she doesn't want or can't use. Here are some tips to help those unwanted wins find good homes.

How to Sell Sweepstakes Prizes on eBay
Have you ever won a prize that you couldn't use? Learn how to turn unwanted wins into cash by selling prizes on eBay.

Ideas for Recycling Empty Gift Cards - Don't Throw Old Gift Cards
recycling empty gift cards, using old gift cards, ideas for empty gift cards

What Were Your Experiences Selling Prizes on eBay?
Have you thought about selling sweepstakes prizes on eBay? About.com readers share their experiences, good and bad, as well as tips for a better eBay selling experience.

Keep Track of Your Prizes with a Scrapbook of Wins
Want an easy way to keep track of your sweepstakes wins? Learn how to create a scrapbook of wins so that you never lose track of a prize win again.

How to Recycle Used Gift Cards
If you enter sweepstakes, sooner or later you will win gift cards. Once you've finished with your shopping spree, you could just throw those gift cards into the trash - or you could continue to put them to use. Here are some ideas for recycling used gift cards.

What Information About Your Prizes Do You Record?
Users chime in on the information they record about their sweepstakes prizes.

About Contests Prize Photo Submission Guidelines
Have you won a prize in a contest or sweepstakes? Send us your picture of yourself and your win, and share your joy at winning with the world!

Use Sweepstakes Prizes for Holiday Presents
Learn how to use sweepstakes prizes to give amazing holiday presents to friends and family members.

Why Do I Have to Fill Out an Affidavit After Winning a Prize?
After you win a prize, you may be asked to fill out an affidavit. Find out what an affidavit is and why you need to return one.

Why Do Sponsors Need my Social Security Number?
Many sweepstakes sponsors require that winners submit their social security numbers before receiving a prize. Find out why!

Where Can I Find a Notary for Affidavits?
If you win a sweepstakes prize, the chances are high that you'll need to find a notary public to notarize your affidavit. Here are some ideas for finding a public notary.

How to Use Call Forwarding to Ensure You Never Miss a Win
Learn how to use call forwarding to make sure that you never miss a winning telephone call from a sponsor.

Finding Sweepstakes Wins - How to Get Better Results with Google Alert
Common problems with using Google Alerts to find sweepstakes wins, and how to fix them.

Sample Letter to Send When Sweepstakes Prizes are Late
Are you waiting for a late sweepstakes prize? Here's a sample letter that you could send to the sponsor to follow up about your prize.

What Is the Longest You've Waited to Receive a Prize?
Some sweepstakes sponsors are lightning-quick to send out prizes. Others take longer, but just because a prize is slow to arrive, it doesn't mean that it will never arrive. This is your place to share your experiences with prizes that were slow to arrive, but which did eventually appear. And if you're waiting on a prize that's taking forever to appear, this is the place to take heart from the sto…

Have You Had Trouble Getting a Sweepstakes Prize? What Did You Do?
Have you had trouble receiving a prize from sweepstakes that you'd won? You're not alone. Read these stories about people who had problems receiving their prizes, and learn how they solved the problem. See submissions

What Do You Do with Unwanted Prizes - Readers Share Tips
No matter how picky you are about entering only sweepstakes you want to win, the odds are that sooner or later, you'll win a prize you don't really want. What do you do with prizes do you want? Readers share tips on dealing with unwanted prizes. Feel free to share your own!

Reasons for Declining Sweepstakes Prizes (Share Yours!)
Have you ever had to decline a prize you won from sweepstakes? Tell us your story, or read about why other sweepers have declined prizes.

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