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Reader Reviews : Is Facebook Useful for Entering Sweepstakes?

User Rating 3 Star Rating (15 Reviews)


Facebook is becoming a popular way for companies to generate buzz by offering sweepstakes. But is it worth entering sweepstakes on Facebook? Sweepstakes fans help you answer that question by sharing their opinions of Facebook.

If you'd like to learn more about Facebook for sweepstakes, read these articles:

JC Writes: "Very Useful... Within 2 Days I Had Won."

Very useful. Just create another FB profile by using a different email address. I have several FB accounts because I have a need for personal and business pages. But I created a separate one just for…More

DuaneDoug Won't Use Facebook for Sweepstakes

If I could open a separate Facebook account just for sweeping, I might use it for entering. Otherwise I won't use it because they all want access to your page, want you to "like", and want to put app…More

K4106 Says: "I Have No Need for Facebook"

Your website should list sweeps that can be entered without using facebook. Traditional non-Facebook web-based sweeps are the ones I would enter first. I have no need for Facebook. If I wanted my fri…More

John Joseph Says Facebook Sweepstakes Odds Are "Very Low"

Have won some Facebook sweepstakes, only drawback is odds are very low of winning because high entry but if you're meant to win I believe you will beat extreme odds, or lose with real good odds if yo…More

I Don't Like to Enter Sweepstakes by Facebook

I don't like to enter sweepstakes via facebook. Their website is not secured it is constantly being hacked into. I have my settings on privacy for friends only. Other people not friends or blocked ca…More

I positively avoid entering any sweepstakes via Facebook

I positively avoid entering any sweepstakes via Facebook. For one, I don't want my news feed spammed up with all of the messages & ads from companies I could have allowed in by entering their Faceboo…More

Pruszew Won a Trip to Hawaii from Facebook: "It Was So Easy to Enter"

I won a trip to Hawaii on Facebook. It was so easy to enter and such an wonderful prize to win. I've noticed a ton of companies advertising their sweepstakes on Facebook now. I say if you don't enter…More

"If You Don't Have a Facebook Account, You're Totally Out of Luck"

Absolutely NOT. For one thing if you don't have a Facebook account your totally out of luck. And secondly if you do have a Facebook account and you are entering for more than one person from the hous…More

Facebook Doesn't Offer Enough Privacy

I really don't like Facebook sweepstakes. I don't need to tell the world about my business, I enjoy sweepstakes but Facebook is another thing. Facebook is good for you if you want the universe to kno…More

I Am Liking Facebook Contests Better and Better

I am actually liking facebook contests better and better. I won a video camera from Verizon and just this month I won $500 gift card From Bali. Seem as though are odd are better. So I am sold... And …More

Jwhyrock's Opinion of Facebook Sweepstakes Changes with a Win

I used to think "no", but I just won a small prize by simply "liking" a facebook page. I refuse to spam my friends and family with stupid Facebook related applications, but if a contest only requires…More

Rihnen0823's Review: "I Absolutely Love Facebook Sweeps"

I absolutely love facebook sweeps. All you have to do is.. (minus making an account..which i have had for years.) is enter your info and usually "like" the certain page. I have won a cd and a WII!! o…More

GinaSweepsIt's Review: "Overall, Entering Facebook Sweeps is Easy"

I have only recently started using Facebook to enter sweepstakes. Some only let you enter their sweeps through Facebook, while others will give you an extra entry into their traditional sweeps if you…More

Glanda's Review: "Facebook Makes Entering Easier"

Yes I regularly enter Facebook contests and have won a few in the past 6 months. I think Facebook makes entering easier sometimes than a regular contest site although I use About.com contest site and…More

Lotoole's Review: "I Will Not Use Facebook for Entering Contests"

I will not use Facebook for entering contests and I have also canceled my Facebook site. I was very disappointed in Facebook. People left messages on my site that were constant and daily, and of abso…More

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