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Reader Stories: Are Lucky Feelings Real?


Lucky feelings - are they real or just a myth? Whether it's a subconscious evaluation that the odds are about to turn in your favor or a sign from a higher power, some people swear that lucky feelings can tell them when they're about to win. Others think that winning feelings are just wishful thinking. Read the experiences of other sweepers to

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Lucky feelings are Real!

Lucky feelings are Real! I remember my very first sweepstakes lucky feeling. We all get those "you are a winner!" ads in the mail that turn out to be "you MIGHT be a winner" when you read the fine pr…More

Lucky Feelings Are Real, But Differentiate Them from Wishful Thinking

I wish it would happen on something big, but it hasn't. Maybe someday it will, so, "I better enter the lottery." Consistency and hope will pay off in the end I believe. Never give up, my time may arr…More

Reba52's Lucky Feelings Always Came True

It was a "without a doubt knowing," not wishing or hoping. Just simply "knowing". I was always right. On a few other occasions, such as doorprizes, the same feeling/knowing would happen and I would a…More

Sandra Had a Lucky Feeling that Came True

I had such a strong lucky feeling that I actually stepped forward when the next name was called - even though the name wasn't even similar to mine. I was momentarily disappointed, but the name that w…More

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