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Winning Lottery Money to Pay Off the Bills

Share Your Story: Lottery Winners' Stories - Tips from Lottery Winners

By Amy L

What Did You Win in the Lottery?

I won $300 on a $10 scratch off. I have played the power ball, pick five and mega millions before, but like most people, scratch-offs have been the only winners for me.

How I Won the Lottery

It was actually a very lucky day. My husband (then boyfriend) and I bought a $10 scratch-off at our local 711. When we scratched it off we were elated to find that we won $300. Then to top it off, when we went back inside the store to cash it in, there was $40 sitting in the magazine rack. I guess someone placed it there while they were in line and forgot about it. Being nice, we tried to give it to the attendant, but he insisted we keep it. He seemed to think it was there for us! What is interesting to note is that my husband and I had truly been in need of a little extra money that month. In fact, we needed a certain amount of money to pay off two bills. A certain amount of money that added up to, oh, say...$340!

Tips and Tricks

  • I've won smaller amounts in the past. I think your best bet, in general, is to buy at least a five dollar scratch-off. The odds for a decent pay-out are much better on the higher priced tickets.
  • I would suggest buying the ticket(s) that "speak to you". Look for the one(s) that feel right. It might sound silly, but I'm inclined to believe we are all just a little bit psychic, and that maybe, just maybe, we all have the ability to "feel out" potential winners.
  • Like others before me have stated, pooling your money together with a group of people increase your chances of winning. More tickets, more chances.

Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, says:

Congratulations, Amy, what a fortunate win! :)

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