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Jason A's First Win, Followed by a Great Vacation

Share Your Story: How Did You Win Your First Prize?

By Jason A

The First Prize I Won Was...

The prize I claim as my first prize is a bamboo tree from www.filtrete.com. My best win is that I just came back from a sweepstakes trip to the High Lonesome Ranch for the Husky Extreme Challenge 2. www.huskyextreme.com and www.thehighlonesomeranch.com. I had to write a very short essay about an outdoors challenge that I overcame. I was surprised that I won. I had to go to this ranch (a 3 night/2 day vacation) to compete in an egg hunt of sorts for a chance to win $2,000, an ATV, and a PWC for me AND my guest. I didn't win but I did win a camping package.

My Thoughts About Winning My First Prize

The marketing group (Korman Marketing) that set up my air flights were awesome. They even paid for an extra seat on the flights to and from the ranch which in retro was extremely generous and came in handy. They sent me extra money in the form of visa cards to pay for checked baggage (4 $40 visa cards). I didn't check any baggage but was able to pay for parking, pay for meals at the airport, buy batteries for the camera, gas for the trip to the airport and back, and still have some left over.

The vacation at the ranch was awesome. We were given a guest house that was fully stocked. We had meals prepared by a chef every night. Before meals we had cocktails for an hour sitting around a fire pit with a wheat field across the road and the grand mesa mountain range in the background. I can't describe how great it was to be sitting around a fire pit drinking vodka and wine watching deer feed not 100 yards from us with pheasants walking out of the field into the road right in front of us.

Lessons learned

  • My lessons were to enter sweepstakes regularly, follow the rules, and make sure you fill out any papers sent to you in a timely manner.
  • I have a separate email just for sweepstakes
  • I try to send in my entries a week ahead of when they are set to expire.

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