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IRG Sweepstakes Scam Asks for More and More Money Before Releasing Prize

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By Carol

Summarize the Sweepstakes Scam

I received in the mail a guaranteed issuance for Aggregate Total Monies of $2,274,000 for which I am guaranteed 100% access, immediate delivery if I send $20.00 validation fee payable to IRG. I HAVE SENT $12.00 ONE TIME AND $8 ANOTHER AND THEN THEY REQUEST $90.00. I REFUSED. NOW I RECEIVE THIS PAYMENT DATA RELEASE AUTHORIZATION requesting that I send 20.00 within 10 days or I forfeit my funds. the company is IRG C/O PO BOX 1500 Ft Langley, Langley BC V1M OB6, Canada; I receives 3-4 offer every week in the mail from different company asking for money to secure my sweepstakes winnings;

More Details about the Sweepstakes Scam

I receives 3-4 offer in the mail a week stating that this could be my final notice and a list of names of people stating how much money was paid to them; and by name its pending and that I need to respond by 05/09 or forfeit mine and that it could be my final notice.

Tips and Tricks

  • They ask that I send a check or money order or cash within a certain length of time or I will lose my $2 million.

Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, says:

I'm sorry to hear that you've been targeted by this sweepstakes scam. Remember that legitimate sweepstakes never ask you to sned them money before releasing a prize.
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