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Scam Telephone Call from "Megabucks Sweepstakes"

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By Megabucks Winner

Summarize the Sweepstakes Scam

Received a call from Las Vegas, Nevada that said I was a $2.5 Million winner of Megabucks Sweepstakes and that a BMW came with the cash. There would be no tax on the money because the pot came from previous winners and windfalls that were never collected. A lawyer would come to my house with a UPS truck and escort me to the bank to deposit the money and sign official release papers. The only requirement is I must pay a duty fee of $2,500 by sending Western Union money to Financial IRS Banker today: Tania Beer, 525 7th Avenue, Miami, Fl 30557. Take receipt and call 876-571-2252 by 10 AM for IRS Gold Seal approval.

More Details about the Sweepstakes Scam

Sweepstakes official said I only needed to answer a few questions:

1- Do you have a mortgage and or credit cards?

2- Do you wish the ceremony to be public or private? (if public, do not tell until money is in my bank)

3- What color BMW car do I want: pearl white, champaign red, midnight black

4- Marital status: divorced, married, single (if married -do you live with husband? - not recommended to tell anyone until $2.5 Million is safely in my bank)

5- Am I equal to or older than 18 years old

6- Find a pencil and write down 12 digit UPS claim number

Tips and Tricks

  • 1. Money in advance is required
  • 2. Google search of street address shows invalid
  • 3. Google search of IRS agent invalid
  • 4. Google search of zip code invalid for city
  • 5. No tax is due on winnings
  • 6. Would not give me phone number of IRS contact to whom the $2,500 duty fee was to be sent for FTC and IRS approval.
  • 7. A 10% duty fee would be $250,000 not $2,500 - math error

Sandra Grauschopf, About.com Contests & Sweepstakes, says:

Thank you for sharing your experience! You did excellent research to verify that this was a scam.

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