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Readers Respond: Which Magazines Have You Won Prizes From?

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Many people believe that no one really wins magazine sweepstakes. If you've won prizes from magazines, take a moment to prove the naysayers wrong and tell us about them! Share Your Magazine Wins

1,330 Entries Later...

I won a contest in seventeen magazine after entering 1,330 times. I was limoed everywhere, had free air fare, free hotel fees, and a $600 dollar shopping spree. I toured the entire Pretty Little Liars set in Los Angeles and was able to meet Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson, who play 2 out of the four shows stars.
—Guest Sydney

Lucky Magazine

From Lucky Magazine I've won Mary Kay tinted lip balm, a big Pixi cosmetics assortment, and a hair dryer. Those were all a couple of years ago, though. I haven't been lucky since, although I enter just as regularly. I was wondering if they were still really awarding prizes and found this article!
—Guest SP

Napa Valley Trip

I won a 5day trip to a Spa & Resort from Domino Sugar. We visited several wineries, had gourmet dinners, choice of hot air balloon ride, spa, or wine train. We had a cooking class w/ a celebrity Chef Nick Stellino at the CIA in California. We also received a $1000.00 gift card there were a total of 10 winners and we could bring a guest. It was an awesome experience!

I won 3 times

Since I have been entering every day for a year I've won a face cream from Lucky mag, Cloth napkins from womansday and today i received an email from Good housekeeping i won a Pur water filter. So keep at it and you will win.
—Guest Teresa

magazine contests

I enter all the time. The first time I entered one I won a prize package worth $2500.00. By all means enter when ever possible.
—Guest sandy

I was a princess!

I won 5 day-4 night stay plus flight , breakfast, special lunch, golf training and free access to spa+ 4 massages (all for two) at theFairmont Princess Princess from Health Magazine. It was worth at least $2,000 . We loved it!
—Guest Maria T.

Won 3

I won Origins mascara from Lucky mag, won 4 piece John Frieda hairset from Redbook, which I still haven't got. Also 3 piece bathset from Allure mag.
—Guest BrookeP

I've won

Ive won a bath set last month from Lucky Mag and an ipod charge/doc ihome from Lucky months before.
—Guest Lauren666

I've won

I have won a drawing contest in a magizine and got a small fairy costume.
—Guest Ashley

Lucky Magazine

I have won twice from lucky Magazine. One was a 200.00 gift certificate to Bare Essentials and also a bath set with lotion and body wash.
—Guest susanatkins1

Guide Post Magazine.

I won 5 at $100 dollars each.Total of $500.00 dollars.Love it for gift to family members.
—Guest Ester Yates

My Good Win

I always love Guide Post Magazine.I won a american Express,5 at $100.00 each,from Guide Post.I was bless with magazine + the money.
—Guest esteryates69@yahoo.com

I Have Won!

I have won from Womens Day, Martha Stewart, Elle, Goodhouskeeping... never a problem getting the prize Now i have won a baby stroller back in Jan from Pregancy and newborn and am getting the run around from the stroller place. I hope I get it they keep saying I will????????


I won a $200 dollar Peg Perego stroller from Parents magazine and got 2nd prize in a sweeps from American Baby/Boppy - a travel swing, a bouncy seat, and a lovely sling. All came in handy as I had given all our baby stuff away before my new husband and I decided to have one more "late in life"!
—Guest MClare


Although I've been entering sweeps fpr years, I've only been entering magazine sweeps for about 3 weeks. So IA was thrilled to win a romance novel, a box of Godiva chocolates & a $500 AmEx card from SheKnows.

Share Your Magazine Wins

Which Magazines Have You Won Prizes From?

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