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Readers Respond: Have You Ever Won a Prize on Facebook? Tell Us about It

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Facebook sweepstakes are being more and more popular, but do people ever win? That's the question on a lot of people's minds today. Have you ever won a prize on Facebook? Tell us all about your Facebook wins here!

iPad & $250 Gas GC

I won an iPad 2 and a $250 gas GC from Advanced Auto Parts. I had just started entering on FB and now I am sorta hooked!
—Guest dwerner

Won a Trip to HAWAII

Won an all expense paid trip for 2 t to Maui through a FB contest sponsored by Aveeno AWESOME!

Won a Plasma TV Home Theater on Facebook

I entered the Kool Aid Facebook contest this last summer and i won the grand prize it was a 46 in. plasma hd tv blu ray player and home theater system.

Facebook win NBC

I just won a daily prize in the Look the part be the part sweepstakes. $100 to bloomingdales! I still hope I win the big prize though. a walk on role on a tv show would be awesome.
—Guest wxjazzcat

I won on Facebook!

I won $400 GC to 1-800-Flowers, with the Maybelline New York sweepstakes; a $20 GC from Visa Prepaid; an all expense pd trip to Dallas,Texas to see Jordan Sparks with the Allstate’s "X the TXT: DSGN8 Before You Drive" Sweepstakes during Superbowl XLV week!

Won $10,000

My biggest and best win was $10,000 and a Rinnai water heater. Recently I've won Sour Patch candy, 2 Uni-ball mechanical pencils, Bic pens, $25. gift code from Macy's, coffee mug from Lee jeans, $20. from VISA Prepaid,and $15. Starbucks code from Agree.

Wins from Facebook

I've won delicious treats from BoxSAlicious in Southern Australia; some gift cards; jewelry; air miles; and books.
—Guest SlowCoaster

Facebook Prizes

So far i have won a contest from JcPenney which included a shopping spree with a limo and a butler, $15 dollar Pizza Hut gift card, & neon pink leggings.
—Guest Gabriela C.

Visa Signature

I won a 25$ gift card from fandango on the visa signature fb contest
—Guest Anna

I won two Southwest Airline tickets

S.W. ran a contest to win two of their tickets to fly anywhere they fly. THANK YOU SOUTHWEST! I am flying out to see my sons this Sunday for about 10 days & then I will have one ticket left to enjoy another visit with them in the future!

Water-Mixable Oils

I won a set of water-soluble oil paints from Cobra (Royal Talens) on Facebook! They were giving away sets throughout the day to celebrate their birthday.
—Guest Marion BE, Painting Guide

Won from Facebook

Won a country ham, shirt from Landend, ear phones for my son ipod,make up. $55 GC from one of the beer companies, $100 GC from Staples. Trip to Greensboro for a day to a new amusement park.
—Guest acgc


I won 2 Dream Seat tickets for a Penn State Football game at Redskins stadium, and also won a Redskins jersey and game used ball in 2 separate contests from the Washington Redskins and Virginia Lottery. Best part is I don't live in Virginia.

Venus Embrace Facebook Win

I won a pack of Venus Embrace Disposable 1up Razors
—Guest Ryan

Facebook wins

I won a year's worth of pistachios from The Green Nut. I won $40 worth of olive oil from Sciabica (great olive oil). I won my mother's day essay - come true. Toyota paid for a 2011 Sienna and a chauffeur for 8 hours, a photographer, $1.000 gift card. I had a perfect Mother's Day thanks to Toyota! I won a case of Ro*Tel tomatoes from Ro*Tel I think that's it!

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