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Readers Respond: How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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Did you win your first sweepstakes prize the first day you entered? Or did you soldier on for months (or years!) before your first prize arrived?

Share your experiences to give newcomers to the sweepstakes hobby an idea of what to expect when it comes to waiting for their first prize. Share Your Experience

1 yr and lots of small wins

I have been sweeping for a little over a year now. I go on kicks of entering, then have bouts where I'm busier and don't enter. I have won TONS of full-size product giveaways over the past year..lots of food items, a pen, iron cleaner, hair dye, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, lipstick, lip balm, eye shadow, eyeliner. Literally piles of small stuff like that over the past year. It's been great because it cuts down on my shopping costs. Of course, I'm still looking forward to my first big win!!! Make sure you keep up on those emails. I was overseas this summer, and missed out on 2 prizes because I failed to confirm. The one was my most valuable prize to date...a $150 lip and cheek set from Lucky Magazine. Good luck!
—Guest Christie B

about a month

i actually started about a month, while clicking on fb sweeps randomly. got a call I was a grand prize winner in the duck cruise giveaway!! then, won two 10.00 cash awards, a 20.00 shutterfly, a few candies, a movie, it seems i've been lucky for a burst, now slowing a bit but I'm excited just the same. my motto-you have to try to win
—Guest sheath80

Two Months

I started entering sweeps at the beginning of November, but I only enter ones with prizes of $1000 or more. On Dec 31st I won the Orbitz Bags of Swag trip to Vienna, Austria worth almost $13,000!
—Guest drlislewis

Small first online win...

I started sweeping after winning a prize at a local drop box and winning a prize at work within the same few week period. I came home one evening after that and "googled" sweepstakes and won my first prize 4 days later. It was only a small Superman toy which I gave to my son for Christmas but...that small one kept me going! It just took that one small win to confirm to me that this really worked. That was over 7 years ago and I'm still entering and just excited to win! I win more at some points than others but I know if I keep plugging away at it that I will eventually see a result!
—Guest Christina A.

First Sweepstake Prize

I have been sweeping for a year. the First month I won a prize and after that i won several small prizes. I was in the final sweepstake for a trip to Asia.
—Guest John Lombardi

Just now

Started a couple of hours ago and have already won a $10.00 Regal Cinema eGift Card and a $50.00 Dollar General Gift Card, hoping for more in the future .
—Guest SyrisLove

Started a sweeps shrine

I've been entering about an hour + a night since last October. I won a few random small items, but I keep them all on a shelf to keep me going for that big prize. So far, several movie tickets, about 7 dvds, about $100 in e-mastercards, a power box, a few nutritional products, magazine subscriptions, small food giftcards. It's a fun hobby to have bc chances are I'd just be watching television anyways. I need a bigger win soon, it's becoming pretty tedious. I guess it's good I have a compulsive personality. I'll say this though. I've never been so excited to get the mail everyday.
—Guest Tella C


I had heard about the Marlboro Ranch Trip years ago & back in November started entering every day...won it in May! That's when I started taking sweeps seriously & just won my second trip to Vegas...the week after I came home from the first trip I had won! So I got into sweeping kinda backwards.

Hang in there

It only took me a week before I won my first prize, a fiction book. Don't be discouraged, just remember it's not costing you anything to enter these sweeps, and someone has to win, it may as well be you.
—Guest Forddriver

How long did it take you to win

Just started nothing yet. I did read in a book it can take a year for your first win I try to enter at least one every day. There are still some you can do by mail
—Guest Mary


I have been sweeping on and off for six years, I have won some amazing trips, one from Oprah.com to Canyon Rach Spa in Lennox, MA worth over $8000, a trip for my daughter to Pali Summer camp in CA worth 2400 and a trip to Disney World, plus many Gift cards. I love entering and it is a lot of fun, but I do run into dry spells or take breaks from entering. Diligence and paying attention to rules are the best bets!

Ehh average stuff

Still new here, but it's been a couple of weeks now and I have won a $10 LiveNation gift card and decorative packing tape, not exactly the wins you dream of but wins nonetheless! I am obviously still motivated since I just started and I know that some big wins could be just around the corner. Reading all of these really helped to motivate me as well, makes me feel like it is possible and makes me even more excited for when I finally get something worth telling everyone about!


I started sweeping last February when my son was born in the hopes of winning something for him or something I could sell to get the things I needed. I was really lucky and ended up winning a grill, $250 gas card, $100 coach gc, about $1000 in gift cards to target, publix, walmart, and a couple of other things. However, I got bored with it and stopped about 3 months later. I've just began sweeping again and have already won costa sunglasses and a new fishing pole! Now I'm wishing for a car ;-) good luck everyone!
—Guest Abby

Been playing for about 2years,no win yet

I used to win a lot of sweepstakes back in the day when it was mail in, I won a sega system, a gold necklace, 100 dollars from Virginia slims and other small prizes, but online nothing so far.
—Guest Mobenah

Big Win After 1 Year of Sweeping

Just a few weeks into sweeping I started to win some small prizes, mostly instant wins. I won my first BIG win around the one year mark of when I began sweeping. I won the Grand Prize in the Grizzly Giving It To You Straight Sweepstakes. That was a year ago and I have been having a dry spell ever since, but I just keep on entering:)

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How Long Did It Take to Win Your First Sweepstakes Prize?

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