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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Lucky Symbol or Good Luck Charm?

Responses: 70


My lucky charm is a rock

My lucky charm is a clear blue rock, one you can get at a store. I chose it because, it's like it chose me, But Im not sure im going to keep it as a good luck charm.
—Guest happyandie

pretty earings

My earrings give me luck because they give me confidence and nothing goes wrong when I wear them.
—Guest Sabrina

Any charm will do

Any item that you call your "lucky charm" is the materialisation of your hopes, wishes...It is the perfect reminder that we all hope to receive something, anything good. Attach visualisation when wishing and holding the charm...it will help you.

My Symbol

My symbol is the Christian Cross. Just as emperor Contantine was told in his vision: "conquer by this..." whith the cross I feel invincible, for real. Now, in the fantasy lucky charms, I love ladybugs they are cute and very femenine.

Bringit Trinket lucky charm

I got my first Bringit Trinket from my 5 yr old son. He said "Here Daddy. Keep this with you. It will remind you that I love you and bring you good luck!" I've carried it with me ever since... and I feel like the luckiest person in the world. p.s.: There's a great description about how lucky charms work on the bottom of the symbolism page at www.BringitTrinket.com Good luck to everyone!
—Guest Lucky Ray

Elephants bring me luck!

I have a small antique elephant with his trunk up in my bedroom that I look at daily to remind me that I am lucky. The elephant doesn't make me lucky, only reminds me to remember that I am.
—Guest georgiamama

Rub It All Away!

My mother has been gone now for 22 years. About 5 yrs b4 she died, she bought a beautiful and very shiny "Worry Rock." It is made out of some kind of rock, but then it's smoothed down and all you do is put your thumb where it obviously goes, and you rub and rub your worries goodbye. Yes, it does remind me of my mom but more importantly it is something she passed down to me, and I will pass it down to my son, if he's interested in it I suppose.

3 Lucky Keys!

3 Lucky Keys: Patience, Persistence & Positivity = Good Luck. Deeper than that, I believe we create our own realities with our beliefs and expectations. If you want to be lucky, then believe you are lucky. If you want to be unlucky, then that's your own fault and not the charms! That being said, I made a special necklace out of "lucky stones" that I wear when I enter sweeps. I believe that it brings me good luck, and so it does! I wish you all great joy and luck!

St. Joan of Arc image is Lucky!

I have created a very lucky Key chain piece engraved with the image of St. Joan of Arc.
—Guest Laisseraller

Three legged pig

Chanchitos pig hails from the town of Pomaire, a Chilean town located west of Santiago. The town is also well noted for its inception of the famous and rather cute three legged pig figurines known as Chanchitos pig. These little pigs are endowed with the blessings of ushering good luck and goodwill to its recipient. I found it in a museum gift shop. It sits in the shadow of my monitor. Don't know how much luck its brought me but it sure does bring me smiles.

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