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Readers Respond: What's Your Favorite Lucky Symbol or Good Luck Charm?

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gecko luck

My good luck charm is a leopard gecko. Good luck to all
—Guest guest rynodog

good luck charmm

My good luck charm is a small granite heart that i carry in my pocket when i need some luck. Before i need it, i need to rub it in my hands to make it warm. It was a gift from my grandmother, who has the same one, only hers is red.
—Guest stephanie

White Baby

My lucky charm is my new white kitten, I want to play the oboe so I plan to rub him all night until I fall asleep. Wish me luck and tell you how it goes asap!!!!!
—Guest Guest Mary

Four Leaf Clover Good Luck Charm

My good luck charm is a four leaf clover keyring. Four leaf clover is the world's best known luck charm. I believe in order for a luck charm to work, you need to have it with you at all time. Since mine is a keyring, I have it with me at all times.

good luck charm

My good luck charm is my husband. From when he met me my life become very joyful.
—Guest simran

Lucky Elephant Charms

I collect elephants and have a small white one which I carry with me all the time and a small green one that is on a chain which I wear when I go to the casino in hopes of winning and yes, I do win. Sometimes big and sometimes small.
—Guest sarah ballantyne

Lucky Leaf

One day I was trying out these different techniques to make a lucky charm to see which one worked. Then I picked a leaf from my house and put one droplet of water on it then let it evaporate completely, then I put it in my pocket, and then I got LOTS AND LOTS OF LUCK!!!!
—Guest Sebastian

I Have a Rabbit Good Luck Charm

Mine is a Silvanian family rabbit called Radish, it's so lucky.
—Guest ollls

my luck

I use tattoos of everything lucky I can find. I research and study up on all luck symbos, have 25% coverage in them. I think they work.
—Guest Steven

Lucky charms symbols

Above under My Charms I mentioned 5 that I have but I left out that I also have a sterling silver 4 leaf clover pendant. So I am covered by my six charms & symbols. I truly love lucky charms.
—Guest Janet again

Luck rock

I have this fake rock that has the word luck stamped into it.

lucky charms

I carry my lucky charm in my purse and it is not large, a small elephant, horseshoe and crystals. Plus I have small angels. I have been in contests for 40 years and have won 5 things in that time, so I am not sure if what I wear, carry, or have in my house (I collect elephants and angels of all kinds) help me or not. It would be really nice if they did.
—Guest sarah ballantyne

Lucky charms

My lucky charm is a Koi fish I bought in Turkey many years ago. And even though I like to think it brings me luck, I believe it's my own hard work. I carry that koi with me anyway.

My Charms

I have several Lucky Symbols & Good Luck Charms: I have a small ceramic heart which has love written on both sides. I call this my Grateful Heart. I have it hanging on a ribbon. I hold it in palm of my hand and say what I am grateful for & even for those things I have not yet gotten. I also have a smooth oval shaped rock that has Expect a Miracle on one side and Miracles Do Happen on the other side. I also have a green shamrock pendant. I have a gold pendant that has an elephant with the trunk up, rabbits foot, #7, horse shoe, 4 leaf clover & 2 other lucky symbols on it that I can't figure out what they are. I also have a gold & glass bottle pendant that is filled with mustard seeds. These are all my lucky symbols and charms. So I guess I am covered. Also daily chant I AM LUCKY 5 times.
—Guest Janet

Weirdest charm?

My lucky charm is a black rubber rat with red eyes that came from Walmart as a Halloween decoration. I bought it the day I published my first novel and I keep it near me always.
—Guest Moo

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What's Your Favorite Lucky Symbol or Good Luck Charm?

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