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Readers Respond: Share Your Problems with Text Message Sweepstakes

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Text message sweepstakes are a quick and fun way to win. However, they are still fairly new, and I've heard rumors about some bad experiences. So if you've had problems with text message sweepstakes, like unexpectedly high charges on your phone bill after entering, or problems with spammy texts, share them here. Share Your Horror Stories

Horror story

I thing I won on PCH games because I was notified that someone elese had got my prizes
—Guest Michelle Eaton

Check the smallprint

I once was automatically subscribed to an "info service" when I thought I was entering a one-off competition that had a monthly fee. Then struggled to get rid of it. So check the smallprint, don't just focus on the prize!
—Guest Marie

Share Your Horror Stories

Share Your Problems with Text Message Sweepstakes

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