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Readers Respond: Share Your Opinions About Sweepstakes Age Discrimination

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Remember who discriminates

Yes! Age stops after a certain year so I simply remember who sponsors the contest and I won't spend my money on their products. Fair trade, hmm?
—Guest becki

Age Discrimination

I may not like the fact that it exists, and not just in sweeps, but in surveys, and in real life. Just because folks are over 40, or 50, or 60 shouldn't mean that we can't contribute good thoughts, or enter contests which may be aimed at a younger age group, but where is it written in stone that those over a certain age are incapable of having good ideas, or interests in Video Games, Sports participation, or whatever else they enjoy. I guess there are many things that just don't seem fair in life, and age discrimination certainly is at the top of my list. I'm 55, but I am NOT obsolete (awfully slow-moving at times, but still capable of thinking, and participating, and enjoying having fun in a variety of ways!) I know people in their 70's that leave me in their dust, and I say "YEAH" for them!


Sure they do. Some contests only want to target a certain age group.We can't prove it anyway.


On occasion when you are asked to choose the year of your birth, it stops before my year comes up.


I dont feel that I have been discriminated in sweepstakes because of my age, but I do wish that some sweeps didnt have age restrictions. My reason for that is, if I win prizes that are suited for younger people, I give them to my two grandchildren or to my relatives who have young ones at home. I also have given a few little prizes as door prizes at family get togethers and of course there all ages at the family functions. But on a whole I do not feel that there are winning or losing discriminations because of age.

Am I Too Old?

I'm going to be 45 in a couple of weeks and often times I feel when I put down my date of birth on certain entries for sweepstakes, I feel as though the company running the sweeps is just going to toss my entry! This may not even be the case but that's how I feel, and it's a bad feeling! I read the article that said, they have no reason to discriminate against age, but I still think they do! Why give the prize to a middle-aged or elderly person when they could have given it to a younger person. They must take press photos of the winner, and it must look better to see picture of a younger person holding the prize (if it can be held), rather than a senior citizen holding up the prize. I don't know. Maybe I'm frustrated from not winning, b/c I haven't won one single thing since I've been getting Sandra's email on sweeping. I know I have to keep the faith and the patience, but I feel that it's running out quickly! However, I still enter the sweeps, nonetheless! ~ Suzy ~

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