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Readers Respond: How Would You Pay the Taxes on the HGTV Dream Home?

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They call it a "DREAM HOME"

I could imagine myself never awakening, Reverse mortgage is a possibility however you may not be in the home as long as you would think. How about renting it one month out of each year during peak season "The Sundance Festival" I believe this would more than pay the annual taxes for me and my wonderful family!! Good luck to all but I'm praying this year it will be mine...
—Guest Victoria

Try to keep the house

I would sell the car and try to find a way to pay the taxes for as long as I can. I'd probably end up having to rent it out eventually, but I would try to enjoy it for as long as I can.
—Guest LIAN

Reverse Mortgage is the way to go-

This is such beautiful home. I do hope that all of the neighbor's views weren't destroyed by the size of it (as a poster said previous). It would be great to keep it.......I don't see why one couldn't get a reverse mortgage and live in it for 20-30 years......... or even reverse the mortgage and live large while the house is for sale - get top dollar then donate half to charity and the other half to kid's college and our retirement...... nice dilemma to have...... the is an amazing opportunity.......... sigh...
—Guest luludelu

Forever Grateful

I would love to move my 63yr old self and grown children & their families in for visits and then get a reverse mortgage and let others enjoy it as a B&B.
—Guest Sherry Dennis

Winning the TAX dream

From what I have read only one person has ever tried to keep the HGTV Dream houses, and in the end (less than 3 years later) had to sale it because they just couldn't afford it. As much as I love the area (grew up close to Park City as a kid), I would have to take the cash payment, and build my own dream home and pay of my school debt, may be even start my practice when I graduate this year. You know the tax is ridiculous when a budding doctor would have to sale it to not OWE in keeping it. It is too bad the government looks at property as a cash winning, that way they could make their money back when you sold it.
—Guest Sunny D

definitely take the $.

I would absolutely love to win this contest, as a young family restarting our lives after leaving the Marines, we would be more than grateful to win something like this! But as it has been mentioned before, you can choose to take a cash prize instead on top of all the cash they give you and the car rather than the house. We couldn't afford to just up and leave here and could do a LOT with the money here in TN. We could buy a fantastic more modest home for our family and our children to grow up in :).
—Guest mamac

You could buy 4 or 5 houses

How about next year the house be a dream home with enough cash to pay the gift tax and maybe somewhere where the property tax isn't much more than a typical mortgage or in a location where investment money from the home is an option? Who wants a "dream" home that is so far out of reach that you risk losing everything to maintain it? My goal in life is to own a Bed and Breakfast, why? Because I enjoy every part of it but the payment. My dream home can be shared with others...if they'll help pay for it. A nice house paid off where I could afford the taxes will one day be nice, but in this case I would take the money to buy my dream elaborate & themed Bed and Breakfast that will allow me to let people at least live 1 weekend of their "dream life" That's my dream! Good luck and happy entering!
—Guest Utah's own


I am a happy 60 year old woman. I raised seven children and now have 13 grandchildren. I would love to see the eyes of my kids light up if I won this home. I would take my whole family to Park City to run and play and see the river. We would have a wonderful vacation. Or, maybe, I would take the money and take them all to wherever they wanted to vacation then pay off some bills and get the best piano teacher for my 19 year old son. He is self taught and has a talent that is naturally gifted. I wish I had the money to get him the best instruction. One teacher told him there wasn't anything more she could show him he hadn't already learned on his own. Ok, the home, it is beautiful but I would rather see HGTV build 10 smaller homes with this money for the needy and give them a start because whoever could afford the taxes on this home already has a home. God help us see how foolish and materialistic we have become.

Something for the WHOLE family

Mother of three grown children raising t hree step-children 9,6 & 5. Helping 63 yr. old sister raise three grandsons, 12, 9 & 6. She is on her own with small income job. Parents of kids are addicts and lost her husband to addiction. All she was left with is debt. Winning this would be a great place for my family and extended family to spend time together. Utah in any seasons is beautiful with so many things to do. I am fortunate that because of my wonderful husband and his job and family values we would be able to keep the house and enjoy it for many years. If I had to sell the money would go toward my great-nephews college. It would be a dream come true for family and friends as we are fortunate to have a lot of both.
—Guest Family Helper


Although I have been entering this contest for years, reality is clear. The total prize package tax bill would exceed the $500,000 cash given you by at least 200k. Furthermore, the yearly property taxes of around 24k would exceed our current mortgage and property tax combination. Keeping this place could certainly lead to bankruptcy unless you are able to find good jobs in Utah. I dont believe that any renting would be allowed in these dream homes. It could certainly lead to dislike from neighbors which would certainly taint a dream home experience. I feel that only a wealthy person could afford to keep this dream home. Emotionally I would love to keep a dream home. I do not not believe it would be financially feasible in our situation. I would love the in person tour however:)
—Guest Dream Home Afficianado

come and get me!!!!!

Just the thought makes me happy, id go for it and have my last years in that beautiful home!
—Guest wish they gave it to people like us

I would find a way

I guess I am being dumb but I would find some way to keep it. I am going on 70 andam in ill health so the climate and the joy of living in that home would make my last years better.
—Guest Tom

YOU can't rent it out

I think I read where the HOA prohibits renting out the property. If you owned the house next door, would you want "renters" in and out of this home. NO WAY. so you can't make money off the home. You would have to be responsible for the yearly taxes out of your own pocket. This is one problem with the Dream homes. Too expensive to keep. We look at these homes, we might even win it, and then we take the cash as the only option left to us. The dream turns in to a sad story, but at least you are left with some $$$$.
—Guest Judge

should i stay or should i go now

my family has been dreaming of moving to utah one day there's so much out there my job allows us to relocate any where so i would go and be extremely happy, I mean how bad could it be if it don't work out you sell but to atleast live in such a beautiful home and in such amazing surroundings would be be worth the headache. just don't sell the home back were you came from you may need it
—Guest ski bum

it's mine!

I think this is a BEAUTIFUL HOUSE. I'm sending all the positive forces my way so it will be mine!
—Guest Jen

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How Would You Pay the Taxes on the HGTV Dream Home?

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